My Biggest Frustrations

This whole project was actually one big frustration. It all started with coming up with 60 frustrations. The first 40 came quite easily, the next 10 a bit slower and the last 10 took me almost two hours. I get super frustrated when I am almost done with something and then the last bit is super hard and just wont work out.  I wrote them down on paper in Dutch because that felt more natural I suppose. Then I had to type them over, which also frustrated me because I hate typing, I usually have to type a word 2-3 times before its typo free. Then I had to translate them, luckily we have Google Translate for that, oh but "Text exceeds 3900 character limit", all of these little hickups builds up my frustration.

I have a very short temper when it comes to working with programs. And I tend to be really perfectionistic at times, especially over the little things no one will ever noticed. This often causes me to completely loose my mind.  

My 60 frustrations:

Want to take a shower and the bathroom is occupied in the morning. Wrong password typing several times while it is the correct password The lock of my bike that doesn't want to lock right away, especially if I have to catch the train. Learning a new guitar riff but it doesn't work Internet that goes down during a meeting call People who are talking on the speaker while you have a conversation with someone in the same room Bumping your toe against a table or a cupboard If you are watching a movie on mobile internet while you are at home and you just have WiFi and only find out after half an hour and you have used up half of your data. If you forget to charge your phone and you have to go somewhere and your phone is almost empty. If your laptop is empty and the battery has to look during the middle of a series If a trick with skateboarding does not work, and especially if it works before If windows suddenly has to update and suddenly shuts down and all programs shut down without warning If you have left light above or below and only find out when you are already in your bed When you don't get the double knot of your shoelaces. When your earplugs are completely tangled and cannot get them loose. If your code does not work and your whole project crashes and you are convinced that you have written the code correctly If you can't skip ads for online videos, while you also have 2 ad blockers installed. The tap that keeps dripping if you don't close it completely. People who have a small talk in the middle of a supermarket aisle and that you cannot pass because you have to keep 1.5 meters away. People who give you priority when you don't and you actually have already stopped for them. People in the car who do not turn on their flashing light. If you have mopped the floor and people immediately walk over it with their shoes. If your string snaps while tuning your guitar, especially if they are new strings.If you think you snooze the alarm but you don't and then you sleep When you are tired but when you are in bed you are no longer tired and cannot sleep. When all my favorite socks are in the wash. No longer knowing where you parked your bike at the station. Miss the bus because the bus is too early Trains that are canceled halfway through your journey if you are already on that train. If your phone does not unlock with finger scanner and then freezes itself for a minute If you have not properly locked your phone and then take on a life of your own in your pocket. When the water heats up very slowly in the shower If you can't find your key to unlock from the inside If you don't want to sit her in the morning If there is no place to park your car If the printer runs out of black ink and does not work and all other colors of the rainbow do. If you think you have turned on the kettle but find out 5 minutes later that it was not If you just want to leave the house someone is going to tell you a story If you have just finished vacuuming, see something on the floor again If there is a piece of apple peel between your teeth and you can't get it there If my mouse goes out during gaming at a crucial moment If I stick with skateboarding behind a small stone If someone already compliments on work that is far from finished in my opinion When subtitles in movies don't match If Whatsapp not connect on computer All unsolicited random notifications on my phone All messages on windows that keep coming even though you click them away All very large cookie notifications where you must tick all options Websites that block their content if you have adblocker If you have forgotten your OV chip card and you are already at the station If you have almost finished something, but you cannot complete it If something goes wrong with skating, it is difficult to overcome your fear again No inspiration all day and then suddenly at the end of the day a lot Sound playing on the internet but not knowing where it comes from Dying in a video game when you almost completed the level but still had 1 life If your GPS is not properly calibrated and you are walking in the wrong direction with google maps If something is packed very well in hard plastic, for example, it cannot open without scissors If you know a word in English but not in Dutch Or just can't come up with a word and it's on the tip of your tongue If you keep talking during a call because of the delay

Some images that capture my frustrative moments

Finally I a made website that tests your ability to not loose your mind.