Schouw post Nicky

The past three months have been a strange time for all of us. All our normal ways of behaving, both big and small, have required a reconsideration. As confusing and terrifying as this has been for many of us, it might have been a good time for artists, because with their work artists can transform our current reality and show perspective. Many of us turn to art to get through tough times, be it through music, movies, series, or even creating art ourselves, such as drawings, paintings, texts, songs, etc. For me personally, I have done both during the corona lockdown. When the ‘intelligent lockdown' of the Netherlands started, I thought I was going to have a harder time working on projects than I ended up having. My works have thrived under the detachment I felt of direct judgement from students and teachers watching me make works. This gave me a sense of freedom to experiment more and listen to my gut more in decision-making. On top of this, the time pressure of starting and finishing a new project every week pushed me to explore more things instead of getting stuck in the research phase. With the limits I had in the tools that were available in my home, I came up with more creative solutions. I chose to explore media such as websites and audio that were easily accessible to me.

When I look back on the things I made, I see the fun I had when I was not forcing myself to instantly make a perfect end result. Part of me sees my experiments from the first two weeks as aimless, because they had and still have no direct aim or goal. But they make me smile, because I had fun doing them. And maybe these experiments did not imply a finished project directly, but the experience I had from thinking outside the box will come with me into future projects. They inspired other projects in later weeks.

Quarantine of course has not been all roses and sunshine. I too have felt scared, isolated and unsure at times. But I am grateful for the experiences I have had within this way of working. Being stuck with myself has forced me to feel what excites me and what does not, and to take this more seriously. It also has broadened my horizon to see multiple perspectives of one work, by getting feedback from different teachers throughout the week.

The works I will reference: in my schouw:


1,5 centimeter website (concept)
This is the concept for the work I planned to do for the resistance theme. However it is quite complex technically, so I didn’t manage to finish it within the time we had for it. I will take this project with me into the summer holiday, since I believe it has a lot of potential.

Finished works:

Micro-exhibition: ECHO
This post only contains the final work. Find our progress at: Process Sims 4 exhibition: EchoThis post only contains the progress for this work. Find the full work at: [/micro-exhibition-echo/] Our starting point was the Travis Scott live event …
Frustrations final website
I am currently working on uploading this website to the internet. For now here is a screen recording of it.


Escapism soundscape
Two tones gliding from left to right and back, forming a harmony when they intersect.
Frustration soundscape
One of my frustrations is constant notification sounds. I wanted to know what these sounds are really made of. To discover their hidden texture, I slowed them down.
Resistance soundscape
Metal. Impact. Rapid movement. Hectic. Chainsaw. Metaalspons.