Nicky ft. AI

I looked to AI as a creative partner to make music with. I love making songs but I often get stuck after creating a cool demo of 30-60 seconds. My research question was: can AI take me out of writersblock by inspiring me with generated melodies and texts? The answer is yes, it did do that for me.

Song #1: To Be Human - Nicky ft. AI

The vocal melody was created by Magenta's 'generate' tool. Magenta also created the guitar melody, which I played myself and then added my own chords and strumming rhythm with. The lyrics were generated by InferKit based on my prompt "how does it feel to be human?". I sang the song myself.

Song #2: On The Beach - Nicky ft. AI

My starting point as a beat that Magenta's 'generate' tool created. I then added the synthesizers to go with the funky rhythm as well as the strings. I let a lyrics generator create the text for me. This time I made the singing melody myself because the beat was too complex for a simple AI to complement it.

The lyrics of "On The Beach" by Nicky ft. AI