Please Move...

Inspired by Adam Harvey, Marina Abramovich and Rosa Menkman, I wanted to work with movement.

A lot of us when thinking, move or fidget. When we forget something, trying to remember a bullet point during presentation or even an answer in a test; we end up fidgeting. This fidgeting is defined by tapping of pen, chewing the end on a pen, your nails or even moving your feet.

John Ratey, M.D, in his book "SPARK" shows that physical activity - even something as small as fidgeting of the hands - increases levels of neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine which help in controlling focus and attention. Many people use subtle fidgeting to fight boredom and increase productivity.

In other words fidgeting is when the brain is resisting boredom.

I wanted to portray this resistance of boredom by the brain through the movement of my body.

When I am still the screen is black and when I move effects can be seen.