prostitute reaction diffusion

when i went back to Madrid last summer i could appreciate how trashy and shitty (in the best way possible lol) graphic design can there, one of my favorite things are the prostitute ads they put in parked cars. My cousin saw me collecting this ads in the street, so next time i went back, in Christmas he gave me a small box filled with them,

i scanned them, these are some

i was gonna use this for the reaction/diffusion assignment we got from daniel, but in the end again we had to finish it in one day, we had to have a slideshow kinda with i think it was 164 slides or images? i really dont remeber maybe was 64 only,  so i tried extracting the graphic essence of this ads in power point

i couldnt finish the video before class (maybe i shouldnt say this but if its unfinished i just feel like saying it) this is what i had when i presented