re(title) festival - layout/functionality/flyer development

For the re(title) festival, I was involved with designing the moodboards, layout, fonts, and colours. I learnt a lot about functionality and user experience. Towards the end of the project I had to hand it over to Manali and Puck. During this time, I was also coding my website and finishing the film for the external project. The micro-show team with Aafje and Marieke was also progressing so much.

It was hard for me to not be able to be there at the end after hours of zoom and discord calls but it made me realize how difficult and time consuming it is to work together not sitting next to each other (especially on programming & layout design). I felt that things that could've been easily explained took so much longer because we couldn't share the same eyes/cursor. Dear Corona, you can stop now!

Boudewijn and Manali did such a beautiful job finishing this project ( The festival turned out super amazing because of them.