This was a group project which included Boudewijn, Me (Manali), Yang and Puck.

Our task was to create an umbrella exhibition which nicely embedded other micro-exhibitions made by others.

Visit the site here.

Starting with the name, we went with Re(Title) as a salute to our weekly themes which were always changing. We also wanted it to portray the random function of coding language.

For the title itself we had it constantly changing to words with prefixes of re- .

The main body of the site holds a cuboid with each surface showing certain collection of exhibition. The backside of the cuboid is used as a chatroom for talking and chilling online.

I decided to separate the other three sides into three general themes in which other micro-shows can be added.

The first surface is called RE(PLAY). This surface includes all exhibitions that have a game as their display platform. The three exhibitions on this surface are Echo (A Sims 4 exhibition), FUN (A Minecraft Exhibition) and Gallery Mod (A Exhibition made with Gary's Mod).

The second surface is called RE(IMAGINE). This surface includes exhibition that take you to new worlds for example unity worlds or a 3D web experience. Exhibitions on this surface include Exhibition I (A Unity world with Google Doc Live Show), Iridescence (A 3D we experience) and later it will also include Soundscape world create with Doeke and Mike.

Lastly the third surface is called RE(COLLECT). This surface includes exhibitions that have a shown the works through a medium of collection. The two exhibitions included on this surface are Inside Out (An Instagram Exhibition) and Second Hand DATA (A Marktplaats Exhibition).