Rein DEF Final Schouw post etc.

It was tough for me to make a top-three. I worked on ~15 projects in total this period, though some of them were very small and some of them unfinished.

As for self-study, I dove into audio and NDS development this semester, and am very happy with what I learned.

Project 1: Iridescence

Iridescence (Bubbles)
This is our (Jonas and me) exhibition project for Jan Robert, Bram and Leanne’s class. We both missed the first lesson so we were behind on schedule. Jonas initiated the project, using react-360 to create 360 degree environments to place works in. I joined the following week. We later switched to …

Project 2: Whisper

Whisper: noise VST plugin
> A VST plugin written in Rust that provides 10 different kinds of noise. Github link with download [] I started this project like I often do, by learning a piece of technology and seeing what I can make with it. In this case, VST plugins. This is a continuati…

Project 3: 5G Resistance

5G resistance
5G resistanceThis board was created in Milanote. []

Other projects

BARB podcast site
Francisco and I made the website for our (2nd years) podcast assignment. It has a few nifty tricks: The covers are flippable 3D cards, with the podcast descriptions on the back. Flipping a card starts the player, which I made myself so it would match with the look. Link […
(it's nice but not very artistic, just a nice website with some special tricks)
Roll the Dice
Made together with Nicky and Ksenia. Cover art by Ksenia. TODO continue this.
Soundscapes and Unity sound objects
WIP, placeholder for bookmark Used my plugin etc. Spheres.
Barcode Zine
Updates from Design, Art and Technology.
StatueToss (Activism, very WIP)
It took me a very very long time to come up with something for activism, like a week after the project should’ve been finished. But I just woke up one morning and had this idea in the shower. Another game, a smaller one this time. The statue removal was happening, so I wanted to respond to that…
Sound Shaders
(very interesting but not a finished product)
Fuzzy Paint
A drawing app for the DS
Small thing though original
Reviving NitroTracker
I picked up a second hand DS lite after Guido showed a video of Nanoloop running on the GameBoy, which made me excited. I was never allowed to have a DS or GameBoy as a kid, and after all that time I still wanted one. I visit older tech more often, because I want to see which things in modern te…
It's not very artistic and I didn't start the project myself. Perhaps if I make a performacne, but that takes practice and wahtever fuck it
Bleach Injector
A tribute to Trump. Graphics are powered by p5.js, this is a WebView running in a VST plugin. (for now it’s just hard-clipping and bitcrusher but I’ll look into more interesting forms of distortion.) Source on Github. []
An attempt at using historical stock data as a waveform. Not very succesful because for now it loops perfectly, which sounds bad, and because of the Corona crash most companies sound the same (roughly like a sawtooth). I need to find some ways to add variation.
A one-evening try, interesting concept but it needs more work to become good.
Shreddit Web
Web version of Shreddit, drag an image into the page to change the image, press the spacebar to save.
I love how I executed this project, with only a full screen image that you can drag stuff into, but the idea didn't come from me, and it's more of a tool than an artwork, so I didn't choose it

> View this post on Instagram [] A post shared by Stephan Van Der Woerd (@stephanvdwoerd) […
(brother did the music, I did the filming and editing)


I'd say the themes were well-chosen. I indeed experienced a lot of solitude, escapism, frustration, resistance and activism, though perhaps in a different way than the themes suggested to me at first while reading the PDF's. Luckily I experienced a lot of good things as well.

I was overwhelmed with the amount of assignments. I wanted to do all of them well, but felt like I didn’t have time for that as I wouldn’t be able to finish them all. Whenever I was busy with one assignment, I was worrying about the other 10 assignments I had to do. Planning was hard as I was dependent on inspiration. Several classmates I talked to shared this feeling.