resistance sounds

For this weeks theme I looked at what resistance means within sound. I thought of some different ways sound can have a certain 'resistance' or 'wrijving' within it.

Physical resistance is often something that produces a sound: this is a collage of me scraping a pick against my guitar's strings.

Auditory resistance could be synonimous with dissonance. Whether dissonant tones are a negative listening experience to you or not, the physics of two tones slowly diverging in pitch brings a certain 'wrijving' with it. These are two sine waves panned hard left and hard right, while one of them slowly ascends in pitch.

Thirdly, there can be an indiscrepancy between what the audio is doing and what you are actually hearing. I looked into auditory illusions for this, and made a Shepard tone: a tone that seems to be constantly rising in pitch. You know it can't be constantly rising yet your brain percieves it as such, causing 'wrijving' between the physical world and your mind.