resistance thoughts

Resistance has up until recently always had positive connotations to me. Viva la résistance, rebellion or standing up against the ‘man’ are things I may not have actively participated in, but I have certainly sympathized with a skeptical position to authority. With the recent COVID outbreak however, resistance has become something that to me has become a less positive thing. Smaller forms of resistance like people not adhering to a mandatory 1,5 metres distance, but also larger movements like people burning down (alleged) 5G masts because they think it caused the virus outbreak. I think in these times, the best form of resistance is obedience to the rules in which you resist against stupidity.

The question I am going to ask myself is: can I find a way to materialize this sentiment? Can I 'force' people to keep 1,5 metres away from me, or is there a way to protect cellphone towers?