With the development of information technology and the increase in the provision of services using the Internet, the provision of personal information to use it is also rapidly increasing. Most internet sites as well as online commerce sites require the provision of personal information such as name, date of birth, social security number, and address for the use of the service. I got my new laptop recently, and when I logged in my google account in chrome, honestly I was pretty shocked. Because everything got synchronised as all of my id with passwords, even my search histories on google. As we already know, online commerce companies are accumulating huge amounts of personal information. But also on the other hand they are convenient so I don't want to go back. This technology is risky but amazing. What I can only to do is, not logging in public network and if I have to do, then be sure to logout and check it twice.

The problem is that the likelihood of these personal information being leaked regardless of your intentions being used commercially and for crime is increasing. Hacking is a representative type of cybercrime in these days.


So my main idea is camouflage my identity on the internet. Making myself being anonymous. First step what I did is make my own patch for my voice. I used MaxMSP so I can control pitch, level of distortion and little amount of delay.


As a progress I worked on a short video about my voice.

Also made a filter to camouflage my face. In this patch I can change gain for giving distortion. I can also change the value of X and Y side.

End result

At the end I made this camouflaged V-log style video. Captured 200+ selfies and made this video.