Roll the dice

made with Rein and Nicky

Making a podcast during the quarantine was definitely an interesting and partially really chaotic experience for me. At first, we had some mismatch in communication, which made me realise how vital meeting in person is and keeping up to date with each others progress.

I really enjoyed trying to time out a story and understand which sounds are needed for each part, counting approximate duration of a scene and writing down what needs to be re-recorded/recorded or loaded from the archives.

Arranging scenes and then combining our work into different "layers" of sound was also really interesting to go through. Little tricks like "if you record your voices in different rooms, put ambience of another room over the voice to make it sound more realistic" etc. I also started paying more attention to panning and how it really builds up the logic of the world/space you are building through soundscapes.

I also loved working on our cover art!

Full podcast here: