and using love2d as a composing tool

During my third week I got annoyed at my own uselessness. Here is my starting point.

I couldn’t focus on study, learning dutch, looking for a job, dealing with housing and news. I was sending one email to my rental agency and feeling like there are stones inside my body. That triggered me to start a random course on game development from Harvard (not useless!), that appeared to be free because The Virus.

First lecture started from a simple Ping-pong game written in Lua and executed in Love2D (fast game engine for mostly 2d games).

I finished the course and realised that it is actually a really good representation of how exhausted I was from my total inaction. I had all of this potential energy, so many formulated frustrations, but I did not have the resource to convert my buzzing anxiety into thought-through steps of action.

After these thoughts I decided to use this game engine as a composing tool for my frustration soundscape. I wanted to create representation of my room there and make a ball bounce, randomly changing angles and speed after each hit. And while hitting it was producing short annoying sounds, that became my everyday symphony: cars beeping, neighbours laughing loudly, tap water splashing, birds, drunks outside at 3am. I wanted to create a chaotic randomised soundscape of me bouncing through my homogeneous routine inside 4 walls, confined to frustrating inability like a pong-ball.

After some talking and playing with perspective, I decided to create this fake-3D space to emphasise the claustrophobic feel.

I wanted to create a feeling that time passes and you are stuck, users (because I wouldn't call them players) are subjected to passive waiting through the chaos of generated noise, not knowing how long its gonna take. I was hoping to create certain annoyance and discomfort, but most of all - the impulse to "skip" and total lack of tools for that.

(there is no sound, but I just wanted to show the visuals)

Ideally, I would work through font-designs more and create an automated recording and saving of the chaotic soundscapes feature, because basically this whole project is me using a game engine as visualisation of composing a mixtrack ahah.

Unfortunately, I can only distribute it through zip.file!!