Share a Coke (Activism)

I started of with making a project about how the biodiversity is in danger by how we treat our planet. Especially bees, they are dying out and also have a super big role to play in our food production.
I did some experiments with trying to generate bees with AI, as a kind of metaphor of proof that we cant replicate what bees do for us and that we should be really thankful, and try to save them.

When experimenting some more I kinda got stuck so I decided to change the focus a bit more broadly on environmental pollution. I collected footage of the impact humanity has on the earth.

Something that really angers me is that these big corporations often show them self as a perfect happy business. And advertise for products or materials, for instance plastic, that damages the earth while taking no responsibility for this waste they produce.

On top of the original footage I collected plays an Coca Cola ad for plastic coke bottles. This produced a good interesting visual representation of how society behaves and what is in meantime happening to our planet.

Final edit