Theme: solitude + more

Title: Sheep

At the beginning of the lockdown, solitude was the first theme, but also the feeling.

The first week I was looking for ways to deal with the current situation, everything was new. I was thinking about working without physical contact. I was feeling a sense of isolation, locked in my room.

I wanted to get away from the urban environment for a moment. I went out and found a meadow with sheep in it. A large group of them together. They could still be together. Close together they were enjoying the sun. The hot and humid weather made them cough and wheeze. I was confronted by the fact that these animals weren’t bothered by the COVID-19 situation. Their lives were still the same, meanwhile mine changed so drastically in such a short time. I wondered how long it would take for the situation to go back to somewhat normal.

Everything is covered with plastic, in the supermarket is hanging a plastic sheet between you and the cashiers. I made videos with plastic between me and the sheep, and nature.


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