Theme: keep memories forever (but it all started with the theme frustration)

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This project is an ongoing project that I want to continu during this week and I want to implement it in my schouw next Thursday. (to be continued...)

The face that I can leave a message, destroy the SIM-card, and that the message stays there forever, is an interesting thougt. I want to make this one-way communication, and conserve this moment where we live in at the moment. That you always can call these numbers.

Feel free to call





It all started really optimistic, the chaos had subsided somewhat. But the more I thought about frustration the more frustrated I got. Writing down 60 frustrations in a list made me just more frustrated. I decided to have a walk, think about something else, and relax a bit. I wanted to call a friend, but she did not pick up her phone, I added this to the list of frustrations. Getting in contact with people is hard these days. A voicemail is all I got.

An intimate moment with your phone, the two of us listening to a voice. I recorded my list of frustrations, and filmed the walk that I made.

You can look at a moment of rest, for example a relaxed walk, but at the same time listen to what frustrates me. Not everything you see on the outside is a reflection of what's on the inside. I bought a few more sim cards so that there are more phone numbers you can call, each with a different sound recording.

Listening to a voicemail is an intimate moment, it is only you and your phone. It is a one way conversation, I am sending, the other is receiving, but you can always leave a message.

In this way it is a slow and interesting way to communicate but it also can be really frustrating.

Some of the numbers you also can find in my Flesh world.

Proces links:

Not available (Plus three one six five two one eight nine zero nine zero)

I also started to use the voicemails to put my soundscapes I made for Mike's every-week-a-new-sound project on. click here, here, here.

But also to communicate in a different way about my bee world.

This post is about inspiration for this project.