Sim Pose

After a couple of weeks I started to see that the sculptural aspect of these poses might be the most interesting aspect.
For the initial idea you can read the long text that follows:


Driven by the theme resistance and as an inspiration on the work by Erwin Wurm I made my Sims do one minute sculptures. The Sims 1 is a game launched in the year 2000 where the player is playing a doll house game with the option to make a simulation of real life. After many hours of playing this game I bopped with the question, how can these Sims resist anything? They are build being unable to resist me. I can make them do anything...

Resistance for me feels closely related to going against something but not being able to succeed. Maybe that’s because of the documentary The Internet’s own boy. He (Aaron Swartz) made so much effort, and has put all his passion and ideals in trying to change the internet/world and it ends with his suicide. Of course he inspired many but the amount of energy that his resistance costs him, was it worth it? Resistance is the trying to break free from a grid, the web of made up ideals where we are all caught up in.

The sims are stuck in their game web. I have gotten them out of their game environment. But I am still giving them a task to do. Their quiet tiny movement seems to make them alive, but of course they are not really alive. Although their humanness makes them compassionable, I can’t help but feel a little sorry that they have to be there in this pose forever. And yet, who cares. They don't even know they are there. They are stuck in this position. Apparently something they can get out of. There is no point in resisting because they aren’t able to.
It is as if they are afraid of me. Just like a rabbit that is scared and doesn't know where to go, because it doesn't know what I'm going to do next. And which way I will go, so it will just freeze. I feel like I have power over them and that feels embarrassing. I might have to explain this idea. I’ve been playing the Sims game for a couple of weeks and I started to feel attached to my Sims. In general I feel like things other than humans are ‘alive’. Of course they are not alive in the way a human is alive but I have an animistic approach to things around me. I think the hierarchy on this planet is weird and feel that humans have taken a predominant role when it comes to other beings, and I mean mainly animals or nature. But also in this game I feel weird for taking the predominant role, even though it is just some pixels. I control my Sims and even if they wanted, they will never be able to resist that.  

The fact that there can’t be any resistance is wat interest me the most.