soiltude still lifes wip

for the solitude week we started with going somewhere outside the city and being alone there

i liked that there were flowers there so i tried finding ways of interacting, some flowers were isolated, some were painted over, some were given garments

i also made some drawings

whatever i also really didnt feel alone being there bc i knew i had to do something when i arrived to that place, i came with some stuff, already when i parked my bike i felt i was camping bc of all the things i was carrying (which is also not a lot but), sometimes i get stressed when i think of gathering things, when i came to the netherlands i just brought clothes, i didnt even had my laptop the first 2 weeks, and now i see my room filled with so many stuff (not even that much but)

the idea of having things sometimes stresses me bc then i have to care for them and if i go somewhere i need to take them or throw them away (im really bad at throwing stuff away and most of the things i have are things i find in the street or that are considered trash bc its easy to see value on anything kinda)

anyways i wanted to make a sculpture with fowers and trash bc i really like trash, then i started thinking well now everything i will show will be screenbased so in reference to this artist i dont remember which would alter the documentation of his artworks and the documentation would be an artwork on its own, i thought of making a documentation sculpture of trash and flowers

so i took some pics of trash and flowers and started making some collages

this is one, i showed some of them to daniel and magda and their feedback was that i just put things on top of each other and it messy but not messy enough, and that looks also kinda like a still life, so if i wanna be messy i really gotta be messy, again

so i made only two sketch collages more after that but i plan to do some more this is a wip