I went to the small beach in Oosterbeek area for my field trip. I've eventually went here first time with Jochem, Maria, Juliette and more friends last Summer. I only had good memories of this place and it was not that far from my place. I asked to my friend to go there together and we spend separate time. Except from use, there is only one couple is lying on the sand and enjoying their time.

Water feel fresh, nostalgic, make me relaxed. What I mostly like of the water is, they are clear enough to transparent inside, but also reflecting the light which make me fascinated. It's beautiful to see but feeling void.

So my main idea of this theme is about reflection. This is what I can translate solitude as my voice. Because I don't think solitude is dark and negative. Even solitude is the state of being alone, but being alone don't only means loneliness. Loneliness is from other people who you are surrounded. So I assume solitude as a good chance and opportunity to spend time only with myself. Reflect myself to me and face the reality what I hided from me, or fascinate on something I like and have short break from real world, make a distance with society and dreaming about my world. Think more or think less escape from the system. That's how I can speak about solitude and it became my start point of this project.


Two tracks I made for solitude, each of them have their own characters, first track is about illusion so it reflect my bright side of imagination. So when I composed the sound 'track 1', I want to create my soundscape as space because space is huge, infinite, and unpredictable. And 'track 2' is about my delusion which aimed to create about pain. I have lyric that I used and it sounds 'goelopne' which means painful in Korean.

Progress (Track 2)

Chopped images from filed record videos, recreate one image for the background of end result. First I want to make it as one piece of poster and then at the end, I used it for image as cover of the soundtrack.

Progress (Track 2)

I had a experiment with texts, first plan was using them on the video for title but they don't fit that well so I didn't use at the end. Worked with Touchdesigner, use instancing to create kinetic typo based on 3d geometry. It would be better if I have my toe file or screen capture of my patch, but I lost few files on my hard drive. I noticed some files are missing and not working but it was after I already in Korea, so I also had to make a final video of Track 2 again. So here I cc the link below of the tutorial that I got help.

End results

Track 1

Track 2