Solitude (NatureWalk)

I went on a walk to no where. I did two activities that I thought would perfectly take advantage of the solitude around me. I decided to do nature study and sing as I would at home.

Nature Study :-

To me there are different kinds of solitude; a comfortable solitude and an uncomfortable solitude and one way to expeiment with the difference between the two was to sing in the uncomfortable solitude the way I would sing in my comfortable solitude.

This was quite a different experience. Even though I could physically see that I was completely alone my mind just wouldn't let me free up. My body language is very closed up and my eyes constanly are searching for possible movement to avoid embarrasment.

Continuing my process of exploring comfort in solitude I wanted to create a 3D virtual space that symbolizes the comfort I was trying to potray.

I started experimenting in Unity with a singular stand-alone sphere in an open space with nothing else in viewing distance.