Solitude soundscape

Wear headphones.

The synesthetic image I drew for this soundscape.

Wind. Cotton cloth rippling in the wind. Thunder. Steel. Metal. Gritty texture. Dark blue. Noise. Rumble. Rapid sudden movement.

The natural panning of the audio quickly cuts from left to right and right to left.

When documenting my balcony as part of an attempt to optically enlarge that space, I made recordings of the sounds around me. These were dominated by the busy road I live on, with lots of traffic passing by quickly. Although my balcony isn't huge, these traffic sounds make the space feel huge since the road creates a panning effect from left to right and right to left. In the audio experiments I did for this theme's soundscape I played around with this.

More experiments I did for this theme:

Here all the panning sounds in my street are compressed into one audio source that's moving back and forth in my street.

This audio creates the illusion of standing in-between two parallel roads, with the traffic moving closer and then away from your ear.