Solitude; Thought fragments

Thought fragments;

Here I used a photo collage, from fragments from the video. These together form an image, you can run this into a 3-dimensional world, and by pressing the mouse it also works backwards and you are in a world and you can run it back in a merged image. I compare this to my awareness and my unconscious, as a kind of mindset. It reminds me of how I think and see. In a moment everything is together and everything coincides and it just fits. But every time I start thinking about something, I get lost in a stream of thoughts. It is expanding more and more like here, it is compact but when I start to think it shoots in all directions and it gets bigger and bigger and goes everywhere. But it can also be the other way around that I am completely lost in it, and then somehow I find a way back in all those thoughts back to the beginning where it all started. You could say that this is a visual representation of a place with all my thought and with all these fragments/words. That fly through this space and then somehow always come back, not always beautiful.