Week theme: Solitude

In the past few weeks I have had a lot of trouble with not be surrounded by people, you get constantly confronted with your self, something I was trying to avoid. With this theme I looked at my situation how I feel so I first came with solitude with oneself. I did actions where I could see myself. And then I found out I was in Confrontation with oneself. I have unconsciously started looking for what I have been trying to avoid for most of my life. I went deeper into this and I did all kinds of actions. Things that I also do in daily life that I sometimes have a lot of trouble with. But once I'm in it, I go all the way in and lose track of time and sometimes myself. But this moment I was alone outside, with myself, and confronted myself. I always say to be afraid of the eyes of people, the eyes that can read you, see through you and bring things up in you, sometimes get you opening up about you, no I prefer to avoid them. But what if those eyes come into contact with themselves, does that bring up things in me, do I see things, how do I think consciously or unconsciously?