Sound; Escapisme

Escapism is mental diversion from unpleasant or boring aspects of daily life, typically through activities involving imagination or entertainment. Escapism may be used to occupy one's self away from persistent feelings of depression or general sadness. I noticed that I always have done this in my mind, constantly speculating about things that could have happend/ of can happen by me saying surfend Dordts of doing serpent actions. But this is not completely in your hands off course you can never know what is going on in their mind. I know I should stop because its not something realistic, but I still constantly do this over and over in my mind to vind al the ways to get where I want to see my self in the end. But this proces is really hurting but I get expectations and that’s not good you shouldn’t have them because if its not what you wanted to be and go on and on about that you let your self down and get sucked in this infinity loop of disappointment created by your self. Get lost in these thoughts and speculations, my looking for that imaginary world. Weil i actually want to vind piece but I am stuk looking trough those pain by overstimulation from the outside and own developed ones that gave huge headaches. Looking for/at something with pain in the head.

In this hollow cave where moisture is on the wall, molecules move and move faster down and up, right and left, hitting this moisty Walls it echo’s trough and trough a infinity loop, till it hits each other when this molecules/atoms hit like in chemistry it gives a reaction, change of structure, gas liquid, solid it constantly change form when it hits each other. Its speed depends on all factors that are in the room(cave ish environment), and witch format they in. They always shake and move off speed demands on the mass. think of bright color’s with it like the higher pitch; bright yellow, orange maybe some intens red? And cold blauw. Color also depends on witch fase they are in. They are smooth round bals? the age of them depends on there skills to hit other atoms, because when they hit new life wil be born and the old wil die out but its DNA gets into the new life so not everything is lost of the old life. the echo changes with als this factors but you always here the first echo/hitting the wall because we in a infinity loop the question only is now will it get overpowered by the new echo’s/wall hits or can you hear the atoms hit wil that overpower?