Sound: Activism

Activisme from within my zelf, activisme agains me. A convesion recorded over and over till the words are silent like i was.

A shape inside a shape, a geometric shape. It is beating like a hart. Is it alive? It wants to get out but it is stuk in the surrounding shape the same shape. It looks like it is frozen in time just hanging there but it beats(like a hart beat) so it must be alive, and it it trying to vind a way out off the surrounding skin, can you call it skin. So we can’t see if its solid/ liquid or glass we can only see the skin around the object. That looks like a mix of human skin and leaf texture. So we can’t see it, but wil we see it wil it break out or is it just stuk inside their, do I have to help it do I need to cut the skin open/ surrounding layer to see its colors? Does it have colours?