Sound Objects

tremble :
A metallic, springy, collection of beams that slowly and seemingly uncontrollably moves around by shaking itself. Smells rusty.

A large, black and grey coloured cloud shaped structure, slowly shape shifting together with it's tonal changes. Leaves iron rubble behind and smells of campfire.

Exhale :
A cold, twitchy, sharp and prickly gust that leaves the taste of metal in your mouth and smells similar to mint.

brrrr :
A substance made up of tiny, transparant, solid orbs, moving franticly around eachother, sometimes agressively expanding and being forced back together.
Smells neutral.

Rect :
A group of large, concrete, rectangular shapes, every single one the size of a football stadium, hovering overhead. Gently drifting forwards.
Smells faintly of gasoline. It's calls echoing in the landscape.

And some footage of me messing around with shaders.