Sound; Solitude

It is a recording of my thought stream that took place at that time in that moment, it took me away for a while and was as fast gone again. We are lonely at this time with hardly anyone around us. This does not mean that they are gone, but it can feel that way and feelings are something almost incomprehensible, can you listen to it? what now? Don't look far ahead that makes no sense. Look at it day by day. Always questions?

List of properties:

What is the shape?  does it have a begin shape before it are words, a changing shape never the same.

Mass: hollow? solid? liquid? gas? it is so light but so heavy it has always a change off value its like a with flower leaf, but also like a soap bubble, hollow but full of a invisible light. It change futures that enter and go over time

Texture ? - soft but a hart shell

Color(s)? - see it ass when you in compleet dark and you walk outside in the brightness off the sun/light from outside that moment off pain in the eyes is the color of this piece, inside this like a snowball.

Smell? - like a the smells of emotion you get in there, the reflection of emotions

Speed? - like a jump on the moon

Size? - size depends on the smell, and adding, and the dyeing, like a club or a groep, or society or cult.

Age? - time of attending

Can you draw it? Close your eyes and picture your own thought placement

It is like thought bubbles that comes and go, change’s constantly also form seize comes to life, add things to it, and let things die out. Like in a snowball when you shake it all this pieces move, but place it in the environment off the moon, is it coming back or wil it stay in the air. Its in a stream these pieces that come and go through this stream that goes here. This process al before this pieces send out a worker, maybe you can see it as a ship moving from a to b and a is the piece in this snowball like environment en b is outside this bubble.