Soundscape crying poster

During Escapism week I felt really bad, my housing crisis was escalating and I found myself sobbing right after Zoom calls. So I decided to record it to make at least some use out of my dysfunction.

Here is the original recording of me sobbing.

Then I tried to make out something that wouldn't directly sound like crying and created some beats out of my breathing. The idea was that escapism is about avoiding all the anxious bad things in life, so I was trying to escape the uncomfortable feeling that always appears when you hear someone cry.

A big part of my soundscapes is trying to find a visual language to learn to think of sound in new associative ways. Here is the sketch of how I saw my soundscape.

round but sharpened small hollow light slimy with dry sand black&white blueish grey smells like dump water and asphalt fast moving like a caterpillar

I decided to bring it to life through video editing, I wanted to add some "lively" movements to it by moving textile by hand.

Then I felt that stop-motion animation is well fitting for the visual representation of the sound in my head with its shaking rhythm.

Later I have played in After Effects and created the final moving poster trying to lead visuals away from the original footage and drawing.