Soundscape birds and madness

My first week started with going to the cemetery. I’ve always thought that cemeteries had this special pleasant almost transcendental solitude to them. This was a time when I still felt that I can enjoy these bizarre circumstances. I took a lot of pictures and set among graves, birds were singing loudly, I recorded them.

For a while I didn’t touch my recording but later their loud squeaking became part of dark sleepless nights, when consciousness slowly dissolves into nothingness just to be brought back again by an especially loud bird or a drunk laughter downstairs.

So I took my 3 minutes recording of birds and started iterating as well. I took the whole thing, put it through noise reduction, made it twice faster and reverse. My initial idea was that if you play the birds in reverse really fast, they sound like the cartoon effect for the rewind. But having this new insomnia experience I iterated and iterated until the sound was about 6 seconds long. Then I created a mix track with this one sound, playing with panning, trying to create this uncomfortable feeling that you have nowhere to run from this sound and the only option is to dissolve into unconsciousness.

For the visuals I chose this two videos of shadows and light in my room. I felt like it the natural shaky feel to these things would fit my vision of the sound well:

Cutting clean fresh empty too bright metal shiny flat thin reflective cold fast smooth smells like metal and air-refresher

Also, I really wanted to use only analog input in my visualisations, somehow only manipulating recorded elements felt close to how I saw things in my head. Probably, because my brain doesn't think in abstractions and always relates soundscapes to real-life objects.

Here you can see the end result: