Soundscapes + sound objects

[work still under construction]

For every new theme I made a soundscape. While making the sounds, I was thinking of how this will look like in 3D. What will it look look? How will it feel?

Listen to the 5 sounds here

Description of every soundscape:

Solitude: empty, hollow, my own room, starring at one piont, feeling blue

Escapism: brown, bubbles, surround you, slowly changing

Frustration: Annoying, chaotic, hard colors,

Resistance: Overwhelming, big and spacious, 'log', veel, in your face, but warm.

Activism: Inspired by minimal music, do not stand still and always keep moving, unexpected elements,


Proces links:

frustration sound proces (call this: zero six five one two two eight one four six)

resistance sound proces

activism sound proces

escapism sound proces (call this: zero six one six seven two zero two five zero)