StatueToss (Activism, very WIP)

It took me a very very long time to come up with something for activism, like a week after the project should've been finished. But I just woke up one morning and had this idea in the shower.

Another game, a smaller one this time. The statue removal was happening, so I wanted to respond to that. I made a game where you play as a crane and have to remove statues, with protesters watching from the sides.

I find it satisfying to create something quickly that responds to events, but is it really helping?  Why is it important that I respond to things in the moment? Or is it just a stunt or window dressing? Or perhaps: just because I had to finish the assignment?

Something related to BLM but not related to my game: in the newspaper I read about Google Docs being the most important 'social network' for BLM activists. Not Twitter or Instagram, where posts quickly disappear in your timeline, but something as mundane as a word processor. I find that beautiful. Lots of spreadsheets and docs with how you can help etc, made by a lot of people working together on a documents. Because you can structure much better there and really build on something.

Activism is a really difficult topic for me because it feels so heavy, I don't want to make a cynical or insensitive comment and also don't really want to put the focus on myself.  Also, I don't want to be made an example of on Twitter, if I slightly miss the mark. 'Aan de schandpaal genageld.'  I'd prefer to work on something utilitarian (maybe even mundane) that really helps.

A good example: this 'image scrubber' website. "A tool for anonymizing photographs taken at protests." It was posted on Twitter and became really popular. I pointed out a CSS bug and fix, and wanted to help more, but it had already gathered so much attention that by the time I returned to the project a few days later there wasn't much left to work on anymore.