Sucking at activism

I had a really difficult time with the theme of activism. I got stuck looking at documentaries from the reader like the yes men, citizenfour and hypernormalization. Even though I really enjoyed watching these, I got sort of overwhelmed with how amazingly clever and well thought out a lot of the forms of activism show here were. It caused me to get stuck in my head thinking about a way to change the world for the better, and nothing really eh..


So after a while of being stuck I decided to just try and do something with the concept of "fake news" and unreliable news sources. I felt like trying something with gossip magazines by filling one with different content than it is usually filled with.

The idea was that I could place this in a store and when people would see this they would think about the reliabilty of their news sources, but the terrible aesthetic that is inherent to gossip magazines would likely cause most who would see this magazine to ignore it. I tried going for a more serious attempt at an activistic poster around the theme of the exploitation of refugees in the vegetable industry that "de keuringsdienst van waarde" made a few episodes about.

The qr code links to the video of "de keuringsdienst van waarde" episode

I just really wasn't having fun with this one. I had a really hard time finding a way of working that I enjoyed and that fit me, thinking of ways to change the world and feeling really bad when I couldn't think of something. I kept thinking and getting stuck in my head and feeling bad about not being more productive so I stopped working on this theme to focus on more on themes I had a better time with.