Soundscape nude poster

Description: pink white bright round smooth soft spinning motion hollow light textile (sine waves don't smell for me :-) It was interesting to apply my formula of taking/filming real life objects and turning them into abstractions for first and only generated sound. It was much harder to think of


Recently in Russia there was one extremely noticeable event - a young teacher Yulia Tsvetkova got a criminal charge (pornography distribution) for posting small bodypositive drawings of women’s bodies. "Alive women have body-fat and it's ok" one of the drawings posted by YuliaAnd, though, the actual story is much

Soundscape nude soundwaves

For this soundscape I also chose the topic of nudity, but in a more abstract experimentative way. I wanted to make sound out of my own bare skin. For that I used the code that I wrote earlier in one of my sketches for SoundType. I didn't use it in

Activism final

video to be added

Activism process

After talking to Daniel I decided to stick to a font. I decided to chose a font with connected letters and swirly cute looking, since the sentences where gross I like the contrast it creates. By using connected letters it turned into one long "sliert". Every 8 letters I went