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Essay on the process

Here is my full essay on this semester! Here is a link to .pdf file!


The past three months have been a strange time for all of us. All our normal ways of behaving, both big and small, have required reconsideration. As confusing and terrifying as this has been for many of us, it might have been a good time for artists, because...

Designing on a distance

It’s now several months since I haven’t stepped foot in the academy. All kinds of emotions run through my head: Solitude, Escapism, Frustration, Resistance and Activism could be some. These do not only resemble emotions people probably have all over the world regarding the covid-19 crisis. They're also

20 20 Revision

p { font-family: serif; } This semester will be hard to forget. Much of our lives changed in a few weeks, and until this day I can still feel the uncertainty and confusion. It seems like with the passing of time we learnt how to deal with the situation, or how to