Soundscape poster room-pong

The description was harder to formulate, because the sounds were clearly separated between each other, so I decided to write out 3 main sounds. Kettle: big hairy flat black dark soft brown smells dust moves in slow waves Siren: red bright fast light yellow sharp long thin hot heavy smells

Frustation final video's

The last one I edited: Video of 5 effect videos + the original video together, showing my frustrations towards After Effect with it's unlimited amount of options: Rest of the videos as single films:


The past few months have been very special. I experienced a mix of disbelief, fear, excitement, disconnection and boredom surrounding the lockdown. The first weeks were difficult because of a lack of routine. I noticed that working from home caused me to not have a clear “start” of the day,

Frustrations final website

The frustrations are ranked from most to least frustrating, the worst being the biggest and slowly fading smaller as they become less significant for me.


My Quarantine ExperienceThese last months I've been making works I really like, things I really don't care for, and also some stuff to just make anything. I was super worried I wouldn't be able to find the discipline to do any work, and there were weeks where I felt completely