bees inspiration

photogrammetry inspiration for my bee world kevin bray,Kevin Bray,Kevin Bray

Activism Inspiration

Craftivism:-Betsy Greer coined the term "Craftivism" in 2003 which means to use creativity for greater good. "Womanhouse", "Crocheted Enviornment" by Faith Wilding, 1972 Craftivism not only involves yarn and fiber but also other creative methods of getting one's point across. These images were for a gender inequality campaign

sketches for coverart for a new album im working on

this is one of the instrumentals for the album: i also made this cover for a track i did sometime ago:

cover art huisjesmelker

a friend of mine made a song about high rent prices in his city and asked me to make the coverart. this are some sketches i made inspired by 'for rent ' signs. also was kinda inspired by coverart from descendents

Online exhibition

With Bae Bae and Jochem we're creating an exhibition in Minecraft Sorry Jochem