Research - Resistance - Impact of uniforms on the everyday fashion

Withing my research on uniforms I was interested in how the obligated uniforms like school uniforms, militairy uniforms and prison uniforms got turned into fashion. Here you can have a small peak at that part of my research. School uniforms. From the obligated uniforms of local school to Japanese subculture.

Uniforms created by ourselves - Research - Resistance - Uniforms

"all girls wear the same" - all the guys ever I was interested in how we tend to still create a uniform even when we are not obligated to wear one. My friends and I all looked the same in the first years of high school, but we didn't think

Uniforms research text - Resistance process

Withing the theme of 'resistance' I chose to deep dive into uniforms. Uniforms, in theory, are in place to create unity and recognisability. The term “uniforms” covers a lot of forms from school to the office, from military to MacDonald’s, from the Ku Klux Klan to the police. Uniforms