Enrico Schouw Def

During the quarantine the first weeks were quite different for me, it took some time to adjust to everything and working from home wasn't always as easy for me as working in school. Once the theme's really started going it started to become a bit easier for me, especially once

Dood hertje

The word abstraction comes from the latin ab-stra-here, that translates to ”to separate, to pull apart, to draw away from”. Mankind is more alienated from nature than anything else today. Nature is reduced to a cultural-historical construct, and a source of materials for our consumption. Until the industrialisation animals formed

Solitude field trip

The first day of the solitude i went out to take some pictures. The inside of my backpackI made a camera lens hack for Annelou's class. This was actually the first time the lens was tested in the field instead of my bedroom.

Esquerda Atrás

I translate my experience in ghost towns into images.


Quaratine may have a bad reputation but I wanted to use it for my advantage. So following the ups and downs of this journey I started self-learning things I've always wanted to do. I spent my days learning a lot of different softwares like TouchDesigner, Ableton Live and recently Unity