Research - Resistance - Impact of uniforms on the everyday fashion

Withing my research on uniforms I was interested in how the obligated uniforms like school uniforms, militairy uniforms and prison uniforms got turned into fashion. Here you can have a small peak at that part of my research. School uniforms. From the obligated uniforms of local school to Japanese subculture.

Uniforms created by ourselves - Research - Resistance - Uniforms

"all girls wear the same" - all the guys ever I was interested in how we tend to still create a uniform even when we are not obligated to wear one. My friends and I all looked the same in the first years of high school, but we didn't think

"The Restistance Doll" idea - Process Resistance

Project idea. With my project I want to give a user back control back. As in my research has been said "the best way to stand out right now is maybe by slightly altering the uniform". Therefore my first idea was to make a paper doll dressed in an uniform

Uniforms research text - Resistance process

Withing the theme of 'resistance' I chose to deep dive into uniforms. Uniforms, in theory, are in place to create unity and recognisability. The term “uniforms” covers a lot of forms from school to the office, from military to MacDonald’s, from the Ku Klux Klan to the police. Uniforms