Frustation final video's

The last one I edited: Video of 5 effect videos + the original video together, showing my frustrations towards After Effect with it's unlimited amount of options: Rest of the videos as single films:

Frustation video process

After making my frustration videos following my ruleset I wasn’t pleased with the result. After talking to Daniel I realised I should self-criticise it, see what I don’t like about it, see what I do like about it and then work from there. The parts I like about

Designed garden

Custom plants I created for the online garden we created for design by code.

Sound Objects

tremble : A metallic, springy, collection of beams that slowly and seemingly uncontrollably moves around by shaking itself. Smells rusty. BOM: A large, black and grey coloured cloud shaped structure, slowly shape shifting together with it's tonal changes. Leaves iron rubble behind and smells of campfire. Exhale : A cold, twitchy, sharp