The Curse Guide To Reservoir Dogs

For the information design class, we had to pick a dataset to create two different representations. The idea is to show how infographic designers have so much influence on how the data is perceive. Information and statistic can be easily manipulated by colours, font sizes, type of graphs,...etc.

For this assignment, I picked a data set that marks all the curse words that were said and the time it was said in the movie Reservoir Dogs. The objective is to use font size and colours to emphasize the curse word that was said most in the movie. The curse words are highlighted in different colours. The stronger the colours the more it was said. The fonts decreses in size according to how often the word was said. It is to show that just by altering the size and colours, the concerntration on the data is already altered.

The start time of the data is located at the upper left, the end time of the data is located at the lower right. Like in all Tarantino's movie.... Everyone dies!

Poster A & Poster B 

Aesthetically the posters are inspired by the old "punchcard". I feel that everytime a punchcard is punched, the sound and mark of a hole leaves an "essence" of existence - and so is the idea of cursing.

This is the first draft of the poster.

With this assignment, I also made a website where one can view the film. There are two edits of the film. Edit A is an 8 minutes 26 seconds film of only the curse words and everything else is left out. Edit B is the whole length of the movie but all the curse words are taken out.

This is the version of all the cursing. 

This is my first attempt to make a website. The "rotate" function allows one to switch and flip between the two edits. It is not online as I didn't get to finish coding the whole aesthetic.

I also wanted to make another version of the poster so that the idea becomes more clear. I was typing out all the timestamps and highting the time according to the colour palette of the curse words (poster A). I didn't get to finishing it after our study changed.

Thank you Leanne! You made me fell in love with information design. I really enjoyed this assignment.