de stuwende kracht van de liefde

i got this book for free in the street, was in a collection with other books about spirituality and that stuff, and i think this one was about love or something. It looked nice and was kinda small and appealing so i just took it.

I tried reading it but it is in dutch, so i dont really get it but there is some things i think i get. So i thought of translating it to english without checking for the real translation of words or phrases, just depending on my dutch knowledge

this is what i wrote starting from the begining of the book:

The splendid power/craft of the love

Paul Solomon

Love in words? Make one of your relationships where you maybe now hear that you can have what you always wanted!

There is a big necessity on you too late to deal in my everything over the luckily craft or power of love, for all on myself in the eyes, from the years pass for speed are under lived. Therefore, these are my words. I will be grateful with you having in account that your new choices are possibly coming from pass speed and go on over. I have in my back five years full of people sometimes being interested where in spiritual trip and the super enthusiasm regarding one with everything dealing, seek model communication, telepathy, self-knowledge, positive thinking and more this sort of search. One from the most spoken texts under mysticism…


i didnt continue also right now its pretty literally translated like kinda rough, i just translated some phrases or words and putted them together without thinking of the whole thing (small scope focused translation kinda)