Destruction loop

self-destruct loop

I made a destruction loop, a tape loop of approximately 4 hours that that would eventually self-destruct. frustration/destruction that comes with that and is possible in any form.

Now we save in the cloud, but is it save there? Noting lasts for ever everything needs time, it is a daily object. They thought it then so what makes it different now? Is it like a memory? It is fresh and new so easy to get back on. but then time passes the fragments fade away, until you have an image without seeing it. You now only can feel how it looks but the fresh visual image is gone. We use medium and objects to get the fragments to work better together again to see a clear visual image. But they are also just a resource. So I think our memory fragments can be compared to a daily object. They start new and fresh but over time they need to have a little bit help to get fixed back, so these 2 can also compliment each other.