Greetings from Quarantine

From the text I picked the sentence 'Our culture is composed more of media orientated expierences than of directly lived once.". I found this one interesting because I can relate to it. I feel like i've seen the Taj Mahal from every angle already even though I've never been there, thanks to Instagram. Especially in the times of the quarantine we are stuck inside but with the whole world to see on the internet.
To visualise this I found inspiration in that every holiday we send a very touristic postcard to my grandma with pictures of the city on the front and the story on the back telling which of the pictures we've visited.
Therefore I made a postcard that looks 'old school' where instead of greetings from a city I've made quarantine into the place we are now. I've filled the letters with images of "experiences" I've had in the quarentine, watched the Tiger King documentary, netflixed, played tennis on the wii and shopped online on Asos. With the story on the back I twisted those online expierences into real life ones.

(and yes i'm aware of the spelling mistake in quarantine :(...)