web cam girls

For Daans class we had to make a cinematic diptych, due to corona we had to finish this assignment in one day.

These are some notes i had in my notebook about what i wanted to do (still didnt know):

two asynchronous elements (each screen one)
at some point they connect and at some they dont
each screen is really different but also really similar -> connection through contrast
sometimes combination is really awkawrd
interested in performative element ref.chris burden
visceral/ intuitive
ask questions dont provide answers
visceral connection between bodies
doesnt need to be real but also doesnt need to be fake
tension is that gonna go wrong? but is not yes or no, whats gonna do with that bc you can do a lot of terrible stuff with that
staged violence in public?
balance between victim and perpetrator
disruptive changes
use of diptych for adding meaning, turn screens off sometimes only one screen is showing
choose a location and a serie of activities, ask people to perform them, not to act, i want them to bring something i cant think of myself

Rineke Dijkstra

Dana Lixenberg, Imperial courts

Marina Xenofontos, Sunlight Vandalism,

Lena Kuzmich

Leo Gabin (visceral funny)

ChrisBurden (viscerla performance)
Jef Koons, made in heaven

soo then Daan asked us to finish this assignment in one day, my idea started as, i want to show videos of girls like webcam girls but i dont want them to be explicitly sexual bc porn is boring its better being more subtle, but was really hard finding videos of girls that arent too literally  sexualized, just performing stuff, so i thought okay i can maybe record myself but also feels really awkward sexualizing yourself for your class, because i dont want to make it personal or about me and if i show my tits in a video its gonna be maria showing her tits not just tits (i feel like that so i didnt want to do it) so i thought of recoriding myself dancing but without showing my identity

then i thought okay i can also do other things rather than dancing bc maybe its still too obvious, and it could be more weird so i tried doing other things

and my favorite one is this one where i just peal an apple