Very Much Human

On the theme Activism, I was interested in gender identiy and sexuality. I questioned what does it mean to fall in love with someone. I felt that the idea of having a gender orientation should be questioned.

I thought about the beauty of falling in love with a person just because of who this person is. Does it matter if this person is a man/woman/or transgender? I asked myself - What is the core of falling in love? I find that love is build on friendship, mutual respect, and admiration.

Through this concept, I thought of using the articles in the German language "Der Die Das". In German, when a new baby is born it belongs to the neutral article. All the colours in German are also expressed in the neutral article. Although a lot of research still have to be done for me to know the defined reason why some nouns are neutral, I find the principles to be intriging and relevant. (There were also a lot of debate on gender-neutrality in Germany, here is an example:

Also, for the ancient Greeks, love is defined in five different forms: Eros (a sexual passion/desire), Philia (a deep friendship), Ludus (a playful affection), Agape (a selfless/highest form of affection), Pragma (mature/realistic affection). What a complex yet straightforward definition. With all the different forms of love, nowadays we mostly define it as being straight, gay, transgender, queer, or bisexual. We always try to categorize and make sense of everything. I wonder if one day we can all breakfree and see love purely as love. It is not to say that people should not have a sexual orientation and that people should see no colours. It is to say that it is most important that we understand, acknowledge, and appreciate our similarities and differences.


Here is Grace Jones:

Interviewer: Do you find women attractive?

GJ: I find women attractive, if I didn't I wouldn't find myself attractive. I think one has to begin first with themselves and then go from there for me to say I don't find women attractive would be saying I don't find myself attractive.

Interviewer: Does that make you bisexual?

GJ: It doesn't make me anything. i think that it's ridiculous trying to categorize peoples feelings or saying what does one prefer.